china best M-St01 Emergency Industrial Winch Tripod manufacturers

Solution Description

M-ST01 Unexpected emergency industrial winch tripod

PRODUCT  Features:
The winch tripod is mostly utilized for rescue functions in high altitude, cliff and confined place, such as underground pipe, shaft, cesspit, closed container and so on. Extensively utilised by firefighting, municipal administration mining etc   information

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Technical specs:

Max. CZPT ing Length of Blades > 28mm 
Rated Doing work stress :63Mpa
Substantial top quality and making use of CZPT time

Relative knowledge:


Technical Specification  

Design M-ST01
Materials Higher power CZPT
Working Load 300Kg
Breaking Drive 22KN(Metal wire Rope)
Operating Scope 134-214cm
Closed Peak 134cm
Extend Peak 214cm
Dimension for reference 177*twenty five*27cm
Weight sixteen.5Kg-19.5Kg
Winch Length of Wire 25m-30m
Running Load 200Kg
Breaking Power   Details 

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Merchandise Presentation:
winch tripod usually is  used for narrow area, straightforward to use, resilient and lightweight. Steel casting head durable,
high-power aluminum alloy toes and legs. 
Effortless to carry and store, with a rubber-soled foot bolstered friction
power so as to give much better stability on the floor, the anchor strength much more than 10Kn is outfitted with moving
facet plate pulleys, steel hook-and-loop with a twenty-meter winch employed to drop.
Products with gear deal is convenient to carry.
Goods Characteristics:
  – It consists of main parts, sling, capstan, and defense chains.
  – Be manufactured of sturdy super light aluminum alloy, adjustable legs, safety element more than 10.
  – Automatic lock capstan for increasing and falling, to shield sling function.
  – The cable of sling is manufactured of stainless metal, excellent tenacity and rust proof.
  – Convenient combination is suited to repair at the nicely and pit mouth. Out of the limit  About Company

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About us:

HangZhou Mywell Protection Tools co, ltd has exported medical units, security gear and relevant goods for numerous years to CZPT ers all above the globe. Our complete line of risk-free and expense effective medical merchandise is equipped immediately from internationally identified crisis equipment manufactures in CZPT . Mywell provides domestic and abroad CZPT ers the best buying solutions for fast and protected affected person transport, transfer and therapy.


Major Goods:

Signature product: CZPT ctric stair climbing chair.

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Our CZPT ers:

one. Rescue Products/Firefighting Agents & Distributors

We are a expert provider of rescue gadgets for unexpected emergency rescues and pre-hospital care, We supply a single of the world’s most comprehensive strains of health care basic safety items. We also provide CZPT solutions to satisfy a lot more CZPT er demands.

two. Finish Users

Our CZPT Rescue Products can be acquired in tiny orders. For the duration of the early phases of working with CZPT customers, we will offer you related samples. Our end end users consist of hospitals, first support companies, national EMS organizations, fireplace and rescue organizations, nursing properties and other health care services.

3. Our Goals

By integrating the assets of dozens of health-related gear companies in CZPT , we intention to grow to be your CZPT ed provider with the widest item scope and the CZPT est shipping  Shipping

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Fixed pulleys are pulleys that keep the drum at a single point. Whilst the drive required to raise or shift an object is no different than lifting it with your arms, stationary pulleys allow you to modify the route of the needed drive. For case in point, when hooked up to a bucket that attracts drinking water from a properly, a stationary h2o puller allows you to pull the drinking water sideways, lifting the bucket in a far more hassle-free way than pulling it vertically, one particular hand at a time. The excess weight of the bucket is still the same, but it is less complicated to carry.
china best M-St01 Emergency Industrial Winch Tripod manufacturers