china factory 2600lbs Self-Locking Hand Portable Heavy Duty Lifting Hoist Pulley Manual Winch manufacturers

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Far more Design alternatives for Brake Winch:

Item No. Rated Capacity(KG) Max Ability(KN) Cable Dimensions(Dia.x L) Strap Dimensions(Dia.x L) Equipment Ratio) Pcs/Carton Packing Dimension(cm) N.W(1 personal computer)
SC1200 550 8 four.5mmx10m 50mmx7m four.2:one six fifty one*36.5*twenty five.five 3.8kg
SC1800 800 12 five.0mmx10m 50mmx10m five.:one 4 forty.5*33*forty five eight.1kg
SC2600 1100 17.5 5.5mmx10m 50mmx10m 10.:one 4 42.5*31*forty eight.five 10.3k
Sc3000 3000 seventeen.5 five.5mmx10m 50mmx10m ten.:one four 42.5*31*48.5 ten.3kg


one.large drum hub to increase cable life.
2.self-activating computerized brake keep the load securely when crank manage is released 
three.With cable or strap. guard cover CZPT
5.Top good quality with competitive price.  
six.Commonly used in the double beam bridge crane and gantry crane
7.Straightforward to set up and high top quality.  
8.Compact construction and affordable style.

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Our specification and Parameters Desk:

Item No. Rated Capability Max Capability Cable Size(Dia.x L) Equipment Ratio) Pcs/Carton Packing Measurement G.W/N.W
KC500 220 330 3.0mmx8m three.1:one 12 40*36.5*29.5 25/24kg
KC600 250 375 three.8mmx10m three.2:one 8 48*29.5*21 21/20kg
KC800 350 525 4.0mmx10m three.2:1 8 forty eight*29.5*21 21/20kg
KC1000 450 675 4.2mmx10m four.1:one 6 39*22.5*34 22/21kg
KC1200 550 825 4.5x10m 4.1:one 6 39*22.5*34 23/22kg
KC1600 seven-hundred 1050 four.8x10m four.1:one 6 39*22.5*34 24/23kg
KC1800 800 1200 5.0x10m 4:1/8:1 four forty eight*35.5*19 19/18kg
KC2000 900 1350 5.0x10m 4:1/8:one four 48*35.5*19 twenty/19kg
KC2500 1100 1650 five.0x10m 4:1/8:one four 48*35.5*19 21/20kg
KC3000 1365 2045 5.0x10m 4:1/8:one four 52.5*33.5*20 22/21kg
KC3500 1600 2390 6.0x10m 4:1/8:one 4 fifty two.5*33.5*twenty 23/22kg

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Roller: A typical pulley has a slot for a belt, chain or cable. A reel is a wider pulley frequently used in cable systems, making it possible for the cable to be wound all around many instances the diameter of the reel.
china factory 2600lbs Self-Locking Hand Portable Heavy Duty Lifting Hoist Pulley Manual Winch manufacturers