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Product Description

Dumb Waiter for Restaurant Dish Window(SJD)


A dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator (or raise) meant to have objects relatively than individuals. Dumbwaiters identified inside of present day buildings, including equally commercial, public and personal properties, are frequently linked between several floors. When mounted in dining places, colleges, kindergartens, hospitals, retirement properties or in private properties, the lifts usually terminate in a kitchen.

A basic dumbwaiter is a movable body in a shaft, dropped by a rope on a pulley, guided by rails most dumbwaiters have a shaft, cart, and capacity more compact than these of passenger elevators, generally forty five to 450 kg (100 to a thousand lbs)



(1) Cost cost savings: No need to develop wells and pit, can significantly reducing charges.

(2) Functionally, by means of the driven of vertical belt, can lessen sounds, lower CZPT intake, big and CZPT transportation, instead of performing pantry, drastically improving the time and performance.

(3) Safety: the dumb waiter provides a protection system in a dish at the window, and there is crisis end change, when placing your fingers or other objects into the window barriers, the shipping and delivery will stop quickly.

(4) Soft start and comfortable stop

(5) Stainless Metal doors in Bi-Parting, Slide Up and Swing


Dumbwaiter requires walls and self-closing fireproof doorways and point out attributes this kind of as buttons to manage motion in between floors and locks on doors stopping them from opening except if the cart is stopped at that floor. 

The cart has no shock absorbers at the best, so that when it strikes the top of the shaft or wheel there is a loud report. The ropes of the dumb-waiter strike these kinds of wall at recurrent intervals with a loud report.


The dumbwaiters be much more advanced, making use of electric motors, automated management systems, and CZPT freight containers of other kinds of elevators. 



Load capacity


Stops No.

2 flooring

Raise peak


Cabin dimensions:


Uncooked content

stainless steel

Normal speed:


Electricity input:

380 volts, 3 phases, fifty hertz
Custom produced based on regional CZPT


ep has a vast range of pulleys in inventory and ready to ship. All spare pulleys are created of large-quality aluminum and have pilot holes as common. Flanges are created of metal zinc sheet if needed, but you can specify other components by personalized purchase. Stock aluminum pulleys are offered in imperial and metric pitches. We can modify inventory pulleys according to your specifications. You can get in touch with customer services for pricing and delivery.
china factory Dumb Waiter for Restaurant Dish Window manufacturers