China high quality Heavy Duty Pulley Block for Synthetic Rope or Steel Cable pulley system

Product Description

KINGSLINGS Universal  Winch Snatch Block



Use a 4WD snatch block to double the pulling force of your winch. Also handy for winching around trees or in difficult situations



  • Suitable for a load of 10,000kg
  • Heavy duty scissor design
  • Simple design makes for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Suits max 14mm Winch cable/rope
  • Long lasting black powder coat
  • Grease nipple to lubricate pulley



  • 10Ton Rating(L)260mm x (W)130mm x (H)35mm
  • Convenient grease nipple
  • Rope/e capacity up to 14mm diameter
  • Net Weight: 3.31 kgs


Model Number KS-SB-01
Min. Breaking Strength:  10ton
Net Weight: 3.31 kgs
Surface Treatment: Painted Coating
Material:  100% stainless steel





1) 8~10 sets in Double corrugated box packaging

3) Export of fumigated CHINAMFG wood pallets for safety sea shipment.


  1.  Our factory have over 10year experience in ratchet strap and all kindly tie down straps.
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Q1: Are you a factory or a trading company?

1. We have our own factory focused on Cargo Control products over 10 years.
2. Our main product is Ratchet Tie Down, Buckle Strap, Tow Strap, Slack Line, Webbing Slings, Safety Belt , kinds of webbing,etc.

Q2: Can you provide OEM/ODM service?

Yes. We have professional designers and engineers provide excellent OEM/ODM service.

Q3: What is your MOQ?

Usually it’s 300pcs -1000 pcs for each type. Other items can be discussed.

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Yes,we have the certificate of ISO9001:2008 and most of our products have been approved by TUV GS certificate .

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Your own logo can be printed on label,webbing or package as you need, we are welcome for all brand making.

Q6: How do you control your quality?

1.Selection of high-quality material

2.Production process standardization, process standardization, refinement.

3.Testing products before bulk producation everytime.

4.The third party product inspections are acceptable.

5.ISO Quality Management System Certificated Factory

6. Full Inspection before loading.

7. Full QC report before shipment.

Q7: How can I get samples?

We are honored to offer you a small quantity of free samples, but clients are expected to pay for the courier cost.

Q8:What’s your terms of delivery?


Q9: What are your payment terms?

In generally,payment terms is T/T 30% Deposit, 70% by the Copy of B/L. We offer more support payment terms for long team and big distributors.

Q10: How about your delivery time?

Usually Delivery time will be within 35 – 45 days. We have a strict production schedule. When we get an order, we’ll draw up a detailed schedule and make sure you know about this clearly.

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Material: Stainless Steel
Shape: as Photo
Usage: Industrial, Household, 4X4 Recovery
Color: Black
Condition: New
Product Name: Winch Snatch Block
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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winch pulley

How do winch pulleys contribute to the functioning of recreational and ATV winches?

Winch pulleys play a crucial role in the functioning of recreational and ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) winches. Here is a detailed explanation:

Recreational and ATV winches are widely used for various outdoor activities, such as off-roading, recovery operations, and recreational vehicle applications. Winch pulleys are an essential component of these winches and contribute to their functionality in several ways:

  • Mechanical Advantage: Winch pulleys provide a mechanical advantage in the operation of recreational and ATV winches. By incorporating pulleys into the system, the pulling force generated by the winch motor can be multiplied. The pulley system allows the winch to exert greater force than the input force applied by the motor. This mechanical advantage enables the winch to handle heavier loads and overcome resistance more effectively, making it possible to recover stuck or immobilized vehicles and tackle challenging terrain.
  • Directional Change: Winch pulleys enable directional change in the pulling or lifting operation. By rerouting the cable or rope through the pulleys, the winch can change the angle of pull and alter the direction of force application. This feature is particularly useful in off-road or recovery scenarios where the winch needs to pull the vehicle from different angles or positions. The pulley system allows for versatile positioning and effective utilization of the winch in various situations.
  • Increased Cable Length: Winch pulleys contribute to extending the effective cable length of recreational and ATV winches. By incorporating pulleys, the cable or rope can be routed back and forth between the drum and the anchor point. This arrangement effectively increases the distance the cable can travel, allowing the winch to reach objects or vehicles at greater distances. The extended cable length provided by winch pulleys enhances the versatility and reach of the winching operation, enabling users to access difficult-to-reach areas or perform rescues in diverse scenarios.
  • Load Distribution: Winch pulleys help distribute the load evenly across the winching system. When the cable or rope is routed through the pulleys, the load is shared among multiple lines or strands. This load distribution prevents excessive stress on any single component, such as the cable, rope, or winch drum. By spreading the load, winch pulleys help minimize the risk of overload or failure, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of recreational and ATV winches.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Winch pulleys assist in overcoming obstacles during winching operations. In off-road or recovery scenarios, there may be obstacles, such as trees, rocks, or other vehicles, that obstruct the direct path between the winch and the anchor point. Winch pulleys enable the cable or rope to be redirected around these obstacles, allowing the winch to exert force from a different angle or position. This adaptability provided by winch pulleys helps navigate challenging terrains and overcome obstacles, increasing the success rate of recovery operations.
  • Controlled Speed: Winch pulleys contribute to controlling the speed of the winching operation. By adjusting the position or configuration of the pulleys, operators can regulate the speed at which the cable or rope is pulled in or let out. This speed control feature is valuable in situations where precision and fine adjustments are required, such as when aligning or positioning objects, or when performing delicate maneuvers. Winch pulleys allow for controlled and gradual movements, enhancing the operator’s ability to handle recreational and ATV winches with accuracy and safety.

In summary, winch pulleys are essential for the functioning of recreational and ATV winches. They provide a mechanical advantage, enable directional change, increase cable length, distribute the load, help overcome obstacles, and allow for controlled speed. These contributions make winch pulleys versatile tools, facilitating successful off-roading, recovery operations, and recreational vehicle applications, while ensuring safety, efficiency, and enhanced capabilities for users.

winch pulley

What role do winch pulleys play in off-road vehicles and recovery operations?

Winch pulleys play a crucial role in off-road vehicles and recovery operations. Here is a detailed explanation:

In off-road vehicles and recovery operations, winch pulleys serve multiple vital functions that contribute to safe and effective vehicle recovery and extraction. Here are the key roles that winch pulleys play in these scenarios:

  • Increased Pulling Power: Winch pulleys provide a mechanical advantage that allows off-road vehicles to exert greater pulling power. By rerouting the winch cable through the pulley system, the applied force can be multiplied, enabling the vehicle to overcome obstacles or extract itself from challenging situations. This increased pulling power is particularly valuable in off-road environments where vehicles may get stuck in mud, sand, or uneven terrain.
  • Change of Direction: Winch pulleys allow for changes in the direction of the pulling force. In recovery operations, this is crucial for maneuvering the vehicle out of difficult positions. By using winch pulleys strategically, the pulling force can be redirected to achieve optimal angles for extracting the vehicle. This flexibility in changing the direction of the force enhances the recovery process and helps overcome obstacles that may obstruct a direct extraction.
  • Load Sharing: Winch pulleys enable load sharing between multiple anchor points. In off-road recovery situations, there may be limited or unstable anchor points available. By using winch pulleys to distribute the load across multiple anchor points, the force can be evenly distributed, reducing strain on any single point and minimizing the risk of anchor failure. This load sharing capability enhances safety and increases the likelihood of successful vehicle recovery.
  • Winching from Different Angles: Winch pulleys facilitate winching from different angles. In off-road recovery scenarios, the ideal angle for winching may not always be directly aligned with the anchor point. Winch pulleys allow for the winch cable to be redirected, enabling winching from various angles and improving the efficiency of the recovery operation. This versatility is essential when dealing with complex recovery situations or when maneuvering the vehicle around obstacles.
  • Controlled Load Movement: Winch pulleys offer precise control over the movement of the load during recovery operations. By utilizing the pulley system, operators can regulate the tension and speed of the winch cable, ensuring controlled and gradual movement of the vehicle. This control minimizes the risk of sudden jolts or jerks that could damage the vehicle or compromise the safety of the recovery operation.
  • Increased Safety: Winch pulleys enhance safety in off-road vehicles and recovery operations. By providing increased pulling power, changing the direction of the force, and facilitating load sharing, winch pulleys help prevent excessive strain on the winch system, the vehicle, and the recovery equipment. This reduces the risk of equipment failure, accidents, and injuries during the recovery process. Additionally, winch pulleys allow operators to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle during recovery, minimizing the risk of injury from sudden movements or equipment failure.

The roles played by winch pulleys in off-road vehicles and recovery operations, including increased pulling power, change of direction, load sharing, winching from different angles, controlled load movement, and increased safety, make them indispensable tools for off-road enthusiasts and recovery professionals. Winch pulleys significantly enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of winch systems, helping to safely extract stuck or immobilized vehicles and navigate challenging off-road environments.

winch pulley

How do winch pulleys impact the load-bearing capacity of winches?

Winch pulleys play a significant role in determining the load-bearing capacity of winches. Here is a detailed explanation of how winch pulleys impact the load-bearing capacity of winches:

Winch pulleys are used to change the direction of the force applied by the winch, allowing for increased pulling power or load capacity. When a winch pulley is incorporated into the system, it creates a mechanical advantage that affects the effective load-bearing capacity of the winch.

The mechanical advantage provided by a winch pulley is determined by the number of times the winch cable or rope wraps around the pulley sheave. This is often referred to as the “line pull advantage” or “block and tackle” arrangement. The more times the cable wraps around the pulley, the greater the mechanical advantage and the higher the load-bearing capacity of the winch.

For example, a winch pulley with a single wrap around the sheave provides a 1:1 mechanical advantage, meaning the load capacity of the winch remains the same as the winch’s rated capacity. However, when the winch cable wraps multiple times around the pulley sheave, the mechanical advantage increases. Each additional wrap effectively doubles the load-bearing capacity of the winch.

It’s important to note that while using a winch pulley can increase the load-bearing capacity, it also reduces the line speed or retrieval speed of the winch. This is because the mechanical advantage gained through the pulley system requires more cable or rope to be pulled in to achieve the desired movement of the load.

Additionally, the load-bearing capacity of a winch pulley system is also influenced by other factors such as the strength of the winch cable or rope, the construction and materials of the winch pulley, and the overall design and build quality of the winch system.

Therefore, when using a winch pulley to increase the load-bearing capacity of a winch, it is crucial to consider the manufacturer’s recommendations, the limitations of the winch and cable or rope, and the specific application requirements to ensure safe and efficient operation.

China high quality Heavy Duty Pulley Block for Synthetic Rope or Steel Cable   pulley system	China high quality Heavy Duty Pulley Block for Synthetic Rope or Steel Cable   pulley system
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