china price Permanent Magnet Synchronous Direct Drive Frequency Conversion AC Motor for Ball Mill manufacturers

Item Description

QTVF Collection Permanent CZPT Synchronous Frequency Conversion CZPT for Ball Mill” has a rated voltage of 380/6000 / 10000V, and is suited for the cement, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries. Relying on the application, the ball mill can be pushed straight. When compared with the traditional program, the reducer and hydraulic coupling are removed. In contrast with standard systems, it has the qualities of substantial efficiency, power preserving, low sounds, upkeep-cost-free, massive commencing torque and stable procedure. In addition, this merchandise has also been broadly utilized in ports, oil fields, mining machinery, textiles and other fields, and has received unanimous praise from CZPT ers.


one. CZPT efficiency and strength saving, the performance of the motor reaches the initial-level vitality use (IE4) normal, and the CZPT conserving price is over twenty%.

two. Big starting torque, using vector manage technologies, no affect on the CZPT grid and ball mill during starting up.

three. The system can understand variable frequency velocity regulation to make the ball mill run underneath the ideal circumstances.

4. The intermediate backlinks this sort of as the reducer and the mechanical gentle-lifting gadget have been eradicated, and the true routine maintenance-totally free operation has been reached.

five. Lowered quantity and simple installation.

Specification and Design

Use setting and other motor parameters
Enclosure ranking

I P55

cooling technique

IC46W (water-cooled)

Perform method

Constant operating technique (S1)

Insulation content temperature score


Use ambient temperature

-20 ºC ~ 45 ºC

“QTVF Series Everlasting CZPT Synchronous Frequency Conversion CZPT ” Selection Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.:
Since the permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor for QTVF collection mills is a direct-travel AC motor, no reduction equipment (this sort of as a reducer) is essential when driving load equipment. As a result, this strategy of motor assortment is based on the CZPT of normal asynchronous motors. Kinds are distinct. The long lasting magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor for QTVF collection mills need to be chosen according to the rated torque.
Particular actions are as follows:
★ Decide the velocity regulation variety: the highest velocity of the motor ≥ the maximum pace necessary by the load tools (the mill is based mostly on the gear ratio of the massive and modest ring gears, or the ratio of the diameter of the pulley, the pace of the drum, and many others.). This solution can modify the motor velocity according to person requirements to attain the most excellent use impact.
★ Determine the CZPT of the load equipment. The freshly mounted tools can be picked according to the CZPT required by the factory design and style. The optimum operating CZPT of the motor ≥ the CZPT needed by the load products.
★ Establish the driving torque required by the load gear calculate the driving torque necessary by the load products dependent on the CZPT and velocity of the load tools.
★ According to the basic principle that the rated torque of the motor ≥ the driving torque necessary by the load tools, choose the most appropriate rated torque from the collection of motors.
★ Figure out the CZPT offer voltage (380V, 660, 6000V or 10000V). If the voltage in the area of use is specific, remember to clarify it in time and connect with CZPT firm’s technical division.
★ Establish the motor model in accordance to the selected overall performance parameters.
★ Decide whether or not the selected motor is hassle-free to set up according to the total dimensions of the motor in the parameter table.
★ If the set up is convenient, the motor product has been established and the product variety is full.
★ In addition, CZPT business can layout and manufacture long lasting magnet synchronous motors with voltage levels of 380V-10000V and CZPT stages of 30kW-4000kW in accordance to CZPT er requirements.
Requirements and fundamental parameters of QTVF collection mills for everlasting magnet synchronous inverter motors




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china price Permanent Magnet Synchronous Direct Drive Frequency Conversion AC Motor for Ball Mill manufacturers