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Item Description


Electric Metal Cord Stripper for CZPT Belt Splicing

DB-GBTJ  Steel Twine CZPT Belt Stripping equipment during CZPT Belt Splicing is designed and utilised to strip the steel cords from conveyor belt which is to be spliced.

The operation can be carried out in the vulcanizing shop or on internet site.
The reducing unit is suitable for cable pitches from ten-25mm and for cable diameters from 4.9-13.2 mm.
The rubber include thickness can be up to 12mm on the working side and up to 25 mm on the carrying side. The complete belt thickness can be up to forty mm.


Technical Information of CZPT ctric Steel Twine Stripper for CZPT Belt Splicing:
three.Linear velocity:.3m/s
4.Cable diameters:Φ3.5~13.5mm
five.Fat:103.8kg(work gadget:15.3kg, traction device:88.5kg)

Features of Electric Metal Wire Stripper for CZPT Belt Splicing:no turning off the belt, due to the fact the rubber include on each sides are taken off in a single one operation.
thickness of the remaining rubber can be arbitraily managed, and this can guarantee the vulcanization consequences.
effortless to work, save time and lessen labor depth.

Attentions of Electrical Metal Wire Stripper for CZPT Belt Splicing:
Electricity should be linked and operated by a skilled electrician.
Twine Stripper must be set as functioning, and avert sliding.

Procedure of Electric Metal Cord Stripper for CZPT Belt Splicing:
1. CZPT ly, uncover out the joints of the steel cord conveyor belt,and peel off 200mm steel cords with typical strategies.
two. Pick appropriate upper and decrease knives in accordance to the steel rope diameter and the pitches, and then established the stripping machine.
three. The higher knife holds down the first steel rope, and the reduce knife drags the CZPT , then make the traction gadget function.The cable stripping machine can peel off the masking rubber evenly.

Deal of Electrical Steel Cord Stripper for CZPT Belt Splicing:

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23 Yr CZPT r:
HangZhou CZPT CZPT nology Co., Ltd., whose previous identify is HangZhou CZPT CZPT ry CZPT Co., Ltd, started in 1996, with 126 personnel, such as 35 engineers, we are maker specialised in developing and producing CZPT CZPT Belt Related Products.

11 Yr Exportor:
Our merchandise have been exported to many nations around the world: Australia, Chile, Usa, Russia, United kingdom, Canada, France, New Zealand, Jordan, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and so on., excellent top quality have be authorized by CZPT clients.

Our company is certified to ISO 9001:2008 High quality Administration Program, and rubber lagging products have been certified to “Safety Certificate OF Acceptance FOR CZPT Merchandise”. We are ISO SGS accepted company, SGS audited provider, ISO9001 qualified factory.

Our merchandise are exported to several international locations which includes CZPT ica, Canada, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Chile CZPT Asia, and many others.
We also have excellent performance and industry share in domestic market. Our CZPT ers demonstrate the large quality and consistency.


Electric powered Steel Cord Stripper for CZPT Belt Splicing

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china supplier Electric Steel Cord Stripper for Conveyor Belt Splicing manufacturers