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More Model options for Brake Winch:

Item No. Rated Capacity(KG) Max Capacity(KN) Cable Size(Dia.x L) Strap Size(Dia.x L) Gear Ratio) Pcs/Carton Packing Size(cm) N.W(one pc)
SC1200 550 8 4.5mmx10m 50mmx7m 4.2:1 6 51*36.5*25.5 3.8kg
SC1800 800 12 5.0mmx10m 50mmx10m 5.0:1 4 40.5*33*45 8.1kg
SC2600 1100 17.5 5.5mmx10m 50mmx10m 10.0:1 4 42.5*31*48.5 10.3k
Sc3000 3000 17.5 5.5mmx10m 50mmx10m 10.0:1 4 42.5*31*48.5 10.3kg


1.large drum hub to maximize cable life.
2.self-activating automatic brake hold the load securely when crank handle is released 
3.With cable or strap. guard cover available
5.Top quality with competitive price.  
6.Widely used in the double beam bridge crane and gantry crane
7.Easy to install and high quality.  
8.Compact structure and reasonable design.

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Our specification and Parameters Table:

Item No. Rated Capacity Max Capacity Cable Size(Dia.x L) Gear Ratio) Pcs/Carton Packing Size G.W/N.W
KC500 220 330 3.0mmx8m 3.1:1 12 40*36.5*29.5 25/24kg
KC600 250 375 3.8mmx10m 3.2:1 8 48*29.5*21 21/20kg
KC800 350 525 4.0mmx10m 3.2:1 8 48*29.5*21 21/20kg
KC1000 450 675 4.2mmx10m 4.1:1 6 39*22.5*34 22/21kg
KC1200 550 825 4.5x10m 4.1:1 6 39*22.5*34 23/22kg
KC1600 700 1050 4.8x10m 4.1:1 6 39*22.5*34 24/23kg
KC1800 800 1200 5.0x10m 4:1/8:1 4 48*35.5*19 19/18kg
KC2000 900 1350 5.0x10m 4:1/8:1 4 48*35.5*19 20/19kg
KC2500 1100 1650 5.0x10m 4:1/8:1 4 48*35.5*19 21/20kg
KC3000 1365 2045 5.0x10m 4:1/8:1 4 52.5*33.5*20 22/21kg
KC3500 1600 2390 6.0x10m 4:1/8:1 4 52.5*33.5*20 23/22kg

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Type: Construction Winch
Driven Type: Rack&Pinion
Speed: Slow
US$ 45.25/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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winch pulley

How are winch pulleys adapted for specialized applications in agriculture?

Winch pulleys can be adapted for specialized applications in agriculture to meet the unique needs and requirements of the industry. Here is a detailed explanation:

In agriculture, winch pulleys are often utilized for various tasks, including lifting heavy loads, moving equipment, and facilitating efficient operations. To cater to the specific demands of agricultural applications, winch pulleys undergo certain adaptations and modifications, which are outlined below:

  • Increased Load Capacity: Agricultural activities often involve handling heavy loads, such as bales of hay, equipment, or livestock. Winch pulleys adapted for agriculture are designed with increased load capacities to handle these substantial weights. They are constructed using durable materials and incorporate robust mechanisms to ensure reliable performance and the ability to lift or pull heavy loads in agricultural settings.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Agricultural environments can be harsh, with exposure to moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive substances. To withstand these conditions, winch pulleys for agriculture are often constructed with corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel or coated surfaces. This adaptation helps protect the pulleys from rust and corrosion, ensuring their longevity and reliable operation in agricultural applications.
  • Weatherproofing: Agriculture involves working outdoors, exposing winch pulleys to various weather conditions. Specialized winch pulleys for agriculture may incorporate weatherproofing features, such as sealed bearings, gaskets, or protective coatings. These adaptations help prevent water, dust, and debris from entering the pulley mechanisms, maintaining their functionality and preventing damage due to environmental factors.
  • Mounting Options: Agricultural machinery and equipment often require winch pulleys to be mounted in specific locations or configurations. Adapted winch pulleys for agricultural applications may offer various mounting options, such as different bracket designs or versatile attachment mechanisms. This allows farmers and workers to install the winch pulleys conveniently on their equipment, optimizing their usage and compatibility with agricultural machinery.
  • Speed and Control: Certain agricultural tasks require precise control over the speed and movement of loads. Winch pulleys adapted for agriculture may feature adjustable speed settings or control mechanisms, allowing operators to regulate the pulling or lifting speed according to their specific needs. This adaptation enables farmers to perform delicate operations, such as controlled feeding or positioning of equipment, with increased accuracy and efficiency.
  • Remote Control Capabilities: In large-scale agricultural operations, the ability to control winch pulleys remotely can significantly enhance productivity and convenience. Adapted winch pulleys in agriculture may incorporate remote control systems, enabling operators to operate the pulleys from a distance. This adaptation simplifies operations, particularly when handling heavy loads or performing tasks in challenging or hazardous agricultural environments.
  • Integration with Agricultural Machinery: Winch pulleys can be adapted and integrated into specific agricultural machinery and equipment to streamline operations. For example, they can be incorporated into tractor-mounted systems, loaders, or other specialized agricultural machinery. This adaptation ensures seamless compatibility and efficient utilization of winch pulleys within the agricultural context.

The adaptations mentioned above demonstrate how winch pulleys are modified and tailored to meet the specialized requirements of agricultural applications. By incorporating increased load capacity, corrosion resistance, weatherproofing, versatile mounting options, speed and control features, remote control capabilities, and integration with agricultural machinery, winch pulleys become valuable tools in various agricultural tasks, contributing to increased efficiency, productivity, and convenience in farming operations.

winch pulley

Can winch pulleys be customized for various winching systems?

Yes, winch pulleys can be customized to suit various winching systems. Here is a detailed explanation:

Winch pulleys are versatile components that can be adapted and customized to meet the specific requirements of different winching systems. Customization allows for the optimization of pulley size, design, and features to enhance the performance and compatibility with the winch system. Here are some aspects of winch pulleys that can be customized:

Load Capacity: Winch pulleys can be customized to match the load capacity of the winching system. This involves selecting or manufacturing pulleys with load ratings that align with the maximum load that the winch is designed to handle. Customization ensures that the pulley can handle the anticipated loads without compromising safety or performance.

Sheave Diameter: The sheave diameter of winch pulleys can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the winching system. By selecting a suitable sheave diameter, the mechanical advantage and line speed can be optimized for the intended application. Customizing the sheave diameter allows for fine-tuning the winching system’s performance to achieve the desired balance between pulling power and speed.

Material and Construction: The material and construction of winch pulleys can be customized to meet the environmental conditions and demands of the winching system. Different materials, such as steel, stainless steel, or high-strength polymers, can be chosen based on factors like corrosion resistance, durability, and weight considerations. Customization may also involve selecting the appropriate bearing type, lubrication, and overall construction to ensure longevity and reliable operation.

Attachment Options: Winch pulleys can be customized with various attachment options to facilitate easy integration into different winching systems. This includes options for different mounting configurations, such as fixed or swivel hooks, brackets, or eyelets, to accommodate the specific connections and rigging arrangements of the winch system. Customization allows for seamless integration and compatibility.

Special Features: Depending on the specific requirements of the winching system, winch pulleys can be customized with special features. This may include self-cleaning grooves, high-visibility colors, or additional safety enhancements like locking mechanisms or protective guards. Customization enables the incorporation of features that enhance the functionality, safety, and ease of use of the winching system.

Compatibility: Customizing winch pulleys ensures compatibility with the specific winch model or brand. This involves considering the dimensions, specifications, and recommendations provided by the winch manufacturer. Customized pulleys can be designed to fit seamlessly with the winch system, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of compatibility issues.

Overall, winch pulleys can be customized to meet the specific requirements of various winching systems. Customization allows for the selection of pulley load capacity, sheave diameter, material, construction, attachment options, and special features to optimize performance, compatibility, and safety.

winch pulley

What types of cables or ropes are typically used with winch pulleys?

Winch pulleys are designed to accommodate various types of cables or ropes depending on the specific application and requirements. Here is a detailed explanation of the types of cables or ropes that are typically used with winch pulleys:

  • Steel Cable: Steel cables, also known as wire ropes, are commonly used with winch pulleys. They are highly durable, have high tensile strength, and offer excellent resistance to abrasion and cutting. Steel cables are suitable for heavy-duty applications where strong pulling forces and load-bearing capacity are required. They are commonly employed in industries such as construction, mining, and off-road recovery.
  • Synthetic Rope: Synthetic ropes made from materials such as high-strength polyethylene (HMPE), nylon, or polyester are becoming increasingly popular in winching applications. Synthetic ropes offer several advantages over steel cables, including lighter weight, flexibility, and easier handling. They are also safer in the event of a rope failure, as they do not store as much energy as steel cables. Synthetic ropes are commonly used in off-road recovery, recreational winching, and marine applications.
  • Fiber Rope: Natural fiber ropes, such as manila or sisal, were historically used with winch pulleys but have been largely replaced by steel cables and synthetic ropes in industrial applications. However, fiber ropes are still employed in certain specialized applications or industries where their specific properties are beneficial. For example, they may be used in situations where low conductivity or reduced risk of sparking is important.
  • Wire Rope Sling: In some cases, wire rope slings may be used with winch pulleys. Wire rope slings consist of multiple strands of wire rope formed into a loop or sling configuration. They are commonly used for lifting and rigging applications where a flexible and strong sling is required to connect the load to the winch pulley. Wire rope slings offer excellent load-bearing capacity and flexibility.

The selection of the appropriate cable or rope for a winch pulley depends on various factors such as the intended application, load requirements, environmental conditions, and safety considerations. It is important to consider the specific requirements and consult the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the compatibility and safe use of the cable or rope with the winch pulley.

China Best Sales 1800lbs Self-Locking Construction Strap Manual Portable Trailer Lifting Hoist Pulley   manufacturer China Best Sales 1800lbs Self-Locking Construction Strap Manual Portable Trailer Lifting Hoist Pulley   manufacturer
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