china price Permanent Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Motor for Ball Mill Instead of Asychronous Motor manufacturers

Merchandise Description

QTVF Series Long lasting CZPT Synchronous Frequency Conversion CZPT for Ball Mill” has a rated voltage of 380/6000 / 10000V, and is appropriate for the cement, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries. Dependent on the software, the ball mill can be driven right. When compared with the traditional method, the reducer and hydraulic coupling are removed. In comparison with conventional techniques, it has the traits of higher efficiency, strength preserving, low sounds, maintenance-totally free, massive starting up torque and steady procedure. In addition, this product has also been extensively employed in ports, oil fields, mining machinery, textiles and other fields, and has won unanimous praise from CZPT ers.


one. CZPT effectiveness and vitality saving, the effectiveness of the motor reaches the initial-degree strength consumption (IE4) normal, and the CZPT saving fee is previously mentioned 20%.

two. Large starting torque, utilizing vector control technology, no impact on the CZPT grid and ball mill in the course of starting.

three. The system can understand variable frequency speed regulation to make the ball mill operate underneath the best situations.

four. The intermediate back links this kind of as the reducer and the mechanical soft-lifting unit have been removed, and the genuine routine maintenance-free of charge procedure has been attained.

five. Reduced volume and effortless installation.

Specification and Model

Use surroundings and other motor parameters
Enclosure rating

I P55

cooling approach

IC46W (h2o-cooled)

Operate program

Steady doing work technique (S1)

Insulation material temperature ranking


Use ambient temperature

-twenty ºC ~ 45 ºC

“QTVF Series Long term CZPT Synchronous Frequency Conversion CZPT ” Choice Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.:
Since the long term magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor for QTVF series mills is a direct-generate AC motor, no reduction gear (this kind of as a reducer) is essential when driving load gear. Consequently, this method of motor choice is based mostly on the CZPT of normal asynchronous motors. Kinds are different. The permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor for QTVF collection mills ought to be chosen in accordance to the rated torque.
Particular actions are as follows:
★ Establish the pace regulation variety: the greatest pace of the motor ≥ the greatest velocity needed by the load equipment (the mill is based mostly on the gear ratio of the large and modest ring gears, or the ratio of the diameter of the pulley, the pace of the drum, etc.). This solution can adjust the motor speed according to user needs to obtain the most perfect use influence.
★ Figure out the CZPT of the load tools. The recently set up products can be selected according to the CZPT necessary by the manufacturing facility design. The greatest operating CZPT of the motor ≥ the CZPT required by the load products.
★ Establish the driving torque required by the load tools calculate the driving torque required by the load equipment based mostly on the CZPT and velocity of the load gear.
★ In accordance to the theory that the rated torque of the motor ≥ the driving torque essential by the load tools, decide on the most suited rated torque from the series of motors.
★ Determine the CZPT source voltage (380V, 660, 6000V or 10000V). If the voltage in the spot of use is special, please clarify it in time and connect with CZPT firm’s specialized department.
★ Determine the motor model according to the selected performance parameters.
★ Establish no matter whether the chosen motor is handy to put in in accordance to the general dimensions of the motor in the parameter desk.
★ If the installation is handy, the motor product has been identified and the merchandise variety is total.
★ In addition, CZPT company can design and style and manufacture long term magnet synchronous motors with voltage ranges of 380V-10000V and CZPT ranges of 30kW-4000kW in accordance to CZPT er requirements.
Specifications and basic parameters of QTVF sequence mills for long term magnet synchronous inverter motors




A movable pulley is a pulley the place when you go a weighty item, the drum moves with it. There is no adjust in the path of the pressure you need to utilize, but the load will “come to feel” lighter than it truly is. For example, if you are hauling a heavy hay bale up the barn’s attic, a moveable pulley will make the load truly feel a whole lot lighter, even however you are pulling in the same direction.
china price Permanent Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Motor for Ball Mill Instead of Asychronous Motor manufacturers